Overview of the Last Few Weeks

Well, these initial weeks of blogging have really taught me a few things!

I started blogging because I felt that a lot of media was unfairly biased and pushing agenda that was a little disagreeable. Of course, I am not a journalist and thought that commenting rationally about contemporary events would be a good way of building my confidence in regards to public writing. It is a very intimidating thing to write for an audience – academically or creatively – but it seems that an understanding and sympathetic audience can really help cultivate one’s motivation to continue writing. To everyone that has read an article, published a comment, sent feedback, or just encouraged writing the blog – thank you.

As you may have noticed, I have felt the call for writing historical articles, even though I intended to avoid doing so. Writing historical posts is a rewarding experience, especially when feedback arrives asking for further information. That is probably the greatest reward I have found in teaching, lecturing, and public engagement so I hope this continues for some time.

In this vein, I hope that you – the reader – will continue to support my endeavours to publish entertaining and informative articles on social, cultural, and political topics, as well as on “all things history”. If you have any ideas on the direction of the blog, particular articles that could be interesting, the layout or content of the blog, would like to contribute in any way or would like to work together on a project, please do get in touch through any of the variety of ways listed in “Contact Details”. I would be honoured to hear your ideas!

Until then, thank you again and I hope you enjoy both past and future posts on this site.

Kelso Charter L_tcm4-561528


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